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These Hot Water Bottle Covers are made from my reclaimed quilt offcuts that are too small to make jackets or waistcoats from to minimise waste. 


Made from: a reclaimed vintage patchwork quilt, mixed textiles outer and likely poly wadding.


Fits a standard 1.8L or 2L hot water bottle 

Height: 38cm

Width: 23cm


Please bare in mind:

The fabric has its imperfections - there are signs of ware as this is made from second hand textiles, however it has tonnes of life left! I chose to work with second hand materials to keep waste out of landfill and use beautiful fabrics that already exist and need a new home/purpose.

As many of the materials are second hand or deadstock I cannot be certain what all materials are - however I will always do my best to figure out what all the textiles are. If an item stated %'s then this means the material came with a manufacturing lable stating the exact material content.

Hot Water Bottle Cover - Patchwork

  • All ready made items will be shipped within 3 working days tracked via Royal Mail.

    If you're purchasing outside of the UK please be aware we are unable to cover customs costs, these vary from country to country, please keep this in mind. 

  • Spot clean when possible or hand wash cool. You can wash in the machine if you need to on a 30 wash.


    Airing out in the sunshine is a natural way of keeping textiles clean and smelling fresh.


    Add your own patchesand visible mends as the garment gets loved and worn!

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